Greenlawn Grove Flea Market is a great place to BUY or SELL, and is always full of great bargains. Whatever you could possibly ever need, you can find at Greenlawn Grove. We are open to the public at 6:00am every Saturday and Sunday and typically close around 3:00pm. If you'd like to reserve a spot, you will need to do so in advance. You will need to reserve a spot by Wednesday, Thursday, or Friday and the fee is $20.00. The timeframe for reserving a spot is anywhere between 9:00am-3:00pm. If you were to come the day you sell (Sat-Sun), you will need to pay an additional $5.00, therefore the fee will be $25.00. You will be furnished 1 table per spot, and there are over 200 spaces for rent. Please mention this website upon renting a spot.




We have a kitchen serving breakfast and lunch.