We are currently experiencing limited parking spaces in our parking lot and we need your cooperation. This is a big problem and we need everyone’s help to resolve it. This is the result from the other flea market closing and our ads working greatly. We are experiencing visitors circling and leaving because of the limited parking spaces. The limited spaces are caused from dealers hiring numerous people, including friends and family who bring additional cars to help. This will directly hurt your business if we have a lot of dealer related cars in the parking lot, more than our customer’s cars, causing the buyer to not be able to find a place to park. In order to have those new buyers visa and browse your booth to enhance your income profits. We strongly suggest for all of our dealers to be allowed “one vehicle” to set up and park his vehicle in his own booth, except the dealers who rented the table #169
221 and 242 - 253. Those dealers who do not park their car in the assigned booths will be immediately asked to leave and will be written onto the unwelcome list. Also, trailers are prohibited to be parked in the parking lot and will be towed at your OWN expense. We appreciate your cooperation and hope you enjoy your stay at Greenlawn Grove Flea Market

It is imperative that you cooperate and follow the rules listed below:

1. In order to have more people browsing and helping your business, we must have very strong restrictions on parking issues. Only one car per dealer for each rental spot is allowed. If you bring two cars, you would need a larger spot and must park both in your spot.

2. If you have a second car to be parked in the parking lot, there will be a $10.00 charge.

3. When you bring a trailer, you must rent a trailer spot. Your trailer along with your vehicle must be parked in your one spot. If you park your vehicle somewhere other than in your spot, it will be towed away at your expense. We will be forced to ask you to leave the premises if you don’t follow these rules. We have very limited parking. Visitors register complaints and have to leave the area because they can not find a place to park. This hurts your business. We at Green Lawn Grove want all dealers to have a good and growing business. Every dealer should help each other’s business by reporting those who do not follow the rules. This is all for your own good. Please be considerate of each other to enhance everyone’s business.

Any dealer caught leaving any leftover items or garbage will be banned from this flea market. This includes, merchandise not sold, and more importantly, boxes. We do not have any way of compacting them. Please remember that everyone is responsible for their rented space. Also, there is no dumping of boxes or unsold items into the dumpsters. take your boxes with you when you leave. The dumpsters are for “kitchen use only.” Please don’t be the first to lose your privilege to set up here. "Leave items overnight at your own risk". So please keep Green Lawn a "GREEN" place to come, sell and shop at. For trucks or trailers, 16 ft. or longer, reserved spots are $25 and non-reserved spots are $30. Selling food or drinks is highly prohibited. You will be forced to leave our flea market without a refund if the rules are not followed upon.

Thanks for your cooperation,